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Waterfront in Cairns Queensland with caption Buy Kava Cairns Certified Noble Kava

Do you want to buy kava in Cairns?

Then you will like the fact that you can now buy Kava in Cairns. Just go online to our KAVA SHOP.

Kava is a relaxing drink that can help you relax, but it’s not always easy to find a good source.

However, we have solved that issue! Because Australia Kava Shop is the best place in Cairns to buy either Kava powder or instant kava.

Thankfully, we only use the highest quality noble varieties of kava. That is, all our products certified and fully guaranteed.

If you do buy kava powder, you’ll be able to enjoy it in either Fiji Kava or Vanuatu Kava varieties.

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Drink Kava in Cairns

Not only can you buy kava in Cairns you can also drink kava in Cairns at the newly opened Elixir Kava bar!
Open on Friday through to Saturday, from 4pm, Elixir Kava Bar serves the best of Fiji kava and Vanuatu kava. They have some excellent chaser fruit shots, friendly staff all located in the main strip of Cairns. if you are visiting or live there in Cairns and you want to go to a kava bar, Elixir Kava Bar is an ideal arvo/evening out with friends!