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Kava Bar

Exploring the Global Rise of Kava Bars

What is the cause of the global rise of Kava Bars across the world? In this blog we explore what is akava and interview kava bar owners from across the world.

Kava, a traditional beverage made from the root of the Piper methysticum plant, has been enjoyed for centuries in the Pacific Islands. In recent years, kava bars have gained significant popularity around the world, offering a unique and relaxing social experience. This blog will delve into the rise of kava bars, focusing on their growing popularity and highlighting two notable establishments: Bula Tulum and 4 Shells Kava Lounge.

Kava bars have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity within the United States in recent years. These establishments offer a refreshing alternative to traditional bars, promoting a wellness-focused and social atmosphere. Customers flock to kava bars to relax, socialize, and experience the calming effects of kava. The rise of kava bars in the US and across the world exemplifies the increasing interest in natural remedies and the desire for healthier lifestyle choices.

Bula Tulum

The global rise of kava bars has now reached Mexico!

Located in picturesque Tulum, Mexico, Bula Tulum stands as one of the pioneers in bringing kava culture to the region. Bula Tulum is not only the first kava bar in Mexico but also the sole establishment offering kratom tea. They pride themselves on importing only the highest quality, organically grown kava and kratom from the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. With a dedication to purity and safety, Bula Tulum ensures that their customers have access to 100% organic kava and kratom.  

Four Shells Kava Lounge

Across the Pacific Ocean, in New Zealand, Four Shells Kava Lounge is making waves with its commitment to sharing the traditional kava experience. Located in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, 4 Shells Kava Lounge provides a warm and cozy atmosphere for patrons to connect and unwind. With an impressive selection of different kava blends, 4 Shells Kava Bar ensures that each customer finds the perfect match for their desired effects.

As kava bars continue to establish their presence worldwide, Australia stands poised to follow in the footsteps of the US and the global rise of kava bars. The increasing demand for a healthier and more natural social experience indicates that Australian consumers are ready to embrace the kava culture. With an already established kava market, Australia could develop a thriving kava bar industry, offering a unique space for relaxation, connection, and a sense of well-being.

The rise of kava bars represents a shift in consumer preferences towards experiences that emphasize relaxation, wellness, and social connection. With successful establishments like Bula Tulum and 4 Shells Kava Bar paving the way, kava bars serve as more than just places to enjoy a beverage — they create an atmosphere that fosters community and promotes a healthier lifestyle. As Australia looks to build its kava bar industry, it can draw inspiration from the rise of kava bars around the world and embark on a journey to provide their own unique kava experience.