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HACCAP Certified - We Know Our Roots

Australia Kava Shop's HACCAP Journey

When the Australia Government opened the door to allow kava to be imported and sold commercially, they didn’t make allowances for HACCAP certified packing conditions. Following in the footsteps of our Kavalytics noble kava and moisture testing, we took a best practice approach to this. So whilst it’s not required by law, we decided to get all our product packed in HACCAP conditions. This is just one more step in giving kava every chance to be presented in a professional fashion throughout Australia.

Finding the right partner was challenging as we are a small start up business located on the Gold Coast. Most co-packers are located in larger metro areas and most are used to dealing with 10,000 pack runs at a time. After much searching, we found the ideal partner in the Synergy Group in Tweed Heads. 

Synergy Group

Synergy Group are a non for profit organization which creates much needed supported employment for people with disabilities. The specialize in small to medium production runs, so were an ideal fit for us. Best of all they are HACCAP certified. On the two days we packed our kava it was raining heavily and cloudy. These are normally no-go times for processing and packing kava due to the high moisture content in the air. However, Synergy groups HACCAP certified packing rooms are sealed and climate and moisture controlled. Each kava package is hand packed with care and attention by their employees.

HACCAP Certified
HACCAP Certified
HACCAP Certified

We spent time on the production line with the supported workers at Synergy and can attest to their attention to detail. This means that your kava order is not only noble certified and microbial tested, but is also packaged with passion and the level of care we believe is required for kava to be a success in the wider Australian community.

If you are a business looking for co-packing partners who get the job done right, in a HACCAP environment, we can highly recommend Synergy Group. We like to say, “We Know Our Roots” and we are glad to partner with the Synergy Group who “Know Their Packing! “