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Instant Kava 100 gm Kava and keto diet

Make the shift from alcohol to kava today!

Instant Kava – The best alcohol alternative !

Are you tired of the way alcohol is impacting your life? We have been brought up in a society where alcohol is the go-to social tonic. Make the change today with Instant kava!

✔️ Enjoy the smooth relaxing effect of Kava!

✔️ Quick to make – simply stir for 10seconds and its ready!

✔️ Easy to mix with your favourite juice, soft drink or shake!

✔️ Only a level teaspoon required per serve!

Alcohol Free

Non Alcoholic

Kava is a South Pacific beverage that is both non-alcoholic and easy to drink. It can be used to relieve stress; help you sleep and reduce anxiety. Kava is also known as “the herbal alternative” to alcohol because of its mild euphoriant effect.

Fantastic Drink

Fantastic Social Drink

Kava is a fantastic social drink, enjoyed by people in the South Pacific for hundreds of years as a social tonic.  Kava is non-addictive or habit forming and doesn’t give you a hangover. It's the perfect thing to help you relax and enjoy your night.

easy to prepare

Easy to Prepare

Simply Pour in water or your favourite juice or soft drinks, stir for 10seconds and its ready! Instant Kava is easy to prepare, fast acting, and tastes great!

Change the way you relax and socialize today!

Are you wanting to enjoy a social experience with family and friends, but cannot do alcohol anymore? Kava has been used in social settings in the Pacific for hundreds of years, now you too can use kava quickly and easy with Instant kava!

✔️ No Hang Over!

✔️ Non alcoholic!

✔️ No more RBT anxiety!

✔️ Ready in 10 seconds

Join the over 55’s who are making the change from alcohol to Instant kava!

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Make the move away from alcohol today with Instant Kava!


Join the legions of over 55’s who are using  Instant Kava as their wind down at the end of the day. 

✔️ No more Hang Overs!

✔️ Quick to prepare and easy to travel with! 

✔️ Per serve is cheaper than your average beer or wine! 

What is Instant kava and how is it made?

✔️Instant Kava is a kava powder that is made ready to drink – no traditional squeezing required! 

✔️This unique product is made on the island of Santo in Vanuatu. It is made using dehydrated kava juice, which is then milled to a fine soluble powder. It offers the same effects as traditionally prepared kava juice, but with a faster preparation period . 

✔️Our Instant Kava product is soluble.  Some Instant Kava products are simply finely milled root powder which isn’t effective, tastes unpleasant and can be harsh on your stomach. 

Cam from Australia Kava Shop explains why you should only buy Instant Kava made from dehydrated kava juice below: 

Play Video about What is Instant Kava

Mix your Instant Kava with a range of beverages!

Instant Kava is soluble. This means it can be mixed with your favourite non alcoholic beverage. These include:

✔️ Kava Orange Juice – mixed with your favourite pulp Orange Juice for a citrus bite!

✔️ Kava Cola – the most popular mix with the effervescent Cola blending perfectly with the kava taste.

✔️ Kava Spritzer –  mix your Instant Kava with lemonade to make a refreshing kava spritzer!

Our Instant Kava is made in HACCAP conditions in Vanuatu and packed in HACCAP conditions right here in Australia!

Kava Image
Science of Kava
Kava Image
Kava extraction

Enjoy your next social event with clarity!


As Australians we have grown up with drinking alcohol at social occasions, its part of our society! Now you can legally move away from alcohol without compromising the feel-good sensation we want when socializing! Instant kava – The best alcohol alternative gives you:

✔️A relaxed state of mind and body

✔️An enjoyable sensation without losing clarity

✔️ The surety that you won’t be hung over the next day!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
T. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Instant Green Kava

I have been enjoying the Australia Kava shop instant green of late.
I find it extremely convenient to mix and somewhat unique in its effects.
I find it leans on the heady side and is beautifully refreshing after a long days work.
I believe it is a selected mix of strains and it is spot on!
No hangover the next day (maybe an afterglow , if I’m lucky)
For me, and this reason , its 1000 times better than alcohol.

I have enjoyed it mixed with cola, which I found complements the herbal flavours of the Kava.
I have also mixed a tablespoon in to a bigger mix of Waka ( also from Australia Kava Shop) for my wife and myself ,which yielded a very potent brew indeed.
My wife had tried different Kava’s previously without much effect. She was pleasantly surprised this time.

Thanks Australia Kava Shop ☺️

Hi Tim - Thank you for sharing your Kava experience with us! We're delighted to hear that you find it convenient to mix and that its effects are unique and refreshing after a long day's work and also provide an alternative to alcohol that suits your preferences so well.

P.M. (Adelaide, South Australia)
Instant Kava - The Quick, Easy and Convenient Way to Relax

I love the fact that when the need to relax comes upon me, it only takes about 10 seconds to prepare.
It makes for a great travelling companion (even on a plane) and for occasions such as fishing on a riverbank.
Give a really nice buzz, helps me to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day (no alcohol-type hangovers!.

B.L. (Perth, Western Australia)
Kava Cola ++ (video sent seperate)

Instant Kava so easy and good feel - just right body relax and happy too. Great for a group.

Thank you for sharing your experience Bryce! We're going to give root beer and instant a try. And great to hear that you enjoyed the relaxing and uplifting effects of Instant Kava.

G.G. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Instant relaxation

Kava helps me relax and the instant stuff is really convenient.

C.L. (Adelaide, South Australia)
Instant Kava

Mine arrived today, love it already! i was having a terrible morning and it honestly made me smile to see it arrive so quick and they even added some complimentary lollies in there! thank you guys so much will be purchasing again for sure!

Hi Cooper - We're so glad to hear that and thank you for your kind words.

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