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Buy Kava on the Gold Coast - Certified Noble Kava

Are you wanting to buy kava on the Gold Coast?

Buy kava on the Gold Coast!

Fuelled by our love of Kava, Australia Kava Shop wants to make sure that Gold Coast kava drinkers have the best kava available to them

Australia Kava Shop has our operations based on the Gold Coast. We do not sell direct to the public, but we do ship out daily and Gold Coast to Gold Coast deliveries only take 1-2 days to land.

If you can’t wait and need your kava today – see our list of Gold Coast RETAIL PARTNERS below!

If you live on the Gold Coast and want to buy kava RIGHT NOW,
visit our retail partners below:

Lakeside Convenience Store Palm Beach

Kava Gold Coast

Address:                   14 Philippine Parade, Palm Beach.

Ph:                             (07) 5534 1045

Currently stocking:  250gm Waka Kava, 250gm Borogu Kava and 100gm Instant Kava.

Opening Hours:         7am-8pm

Kava is a relaxing drink from the South Pacific Islands. It’s been consumed for over 3000 years and it is now available on the Gold Coast, including areas such as Coomera and Ormeau.

We source our kava from Vanuatu and Fiji and process and package it on the Gold Coast using certified food packers. Kava, which is a crop known as piper methysticum or the Melanesian pepper root, has been used for social purposes and settling of emotional problems in the Pacific Islands dating back to around 1500BC.

If you are looking to relax and unwind, without the alcohol hangover feeling: then Kava could be perfect for you. Refreshment with Kava is a unique experience and one that is enjoyed by many.

Now here is where thing get really interesting! Did you know the quality of your kava can be a matter of life or death? Don’t be fooled by cheaper formulations, or fake Noble kava. We only import certified noble variety kava for use in the Australia Kava Ship product range. You can check out our certification documents by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us – We Know our Roots !