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Kava in Australia
We’re Celebrating

Australia has a long history of kava use, dating back to the 19th century when it was first used in Australia. But the 2007 ban on kava in Australia and the subsequent ban on imports to Australia changed things and made it a whole lot more difficult for Australians to access quality kava and traditional kava ceremonies. After all, this isn’t just any herb we’re talking about here. Kava is a cultural significance for many people across the Pacific Islands for thousands of years.

Due to a range of geopolitical issues the Australian Government decided to change their position on kava in Australia. From the period 2019 to 2021 they built a template for allowing kava in Australia to be legal again. This resulted in the roll out of what is known as the “Phase 2 kava trial” in January 2022. This came after discussions with Pacific Trade partners, kava industry bodies and all the relevant Australian Government arms to apply an import Permit system.

Kava in Australia – We’re Celebrating
The Australia kava Shop Team are super excited to bring
Kava to a greater audience in Australia!

The Phase 2 Kava Trial operates
under the following conditions:

The Full process in its entirety can be found on Australia’s Kava Pilot.

For Pacific Islanders, Kava afficionados and people interested in kava this decision by the Australian Government is momentous. Now after 15 years, Australians are again able to buy and enjoy kava.

Australia Kava Shop welcomes this decision by the Australian Government to bring kava back into Australia and engage with their Pacific neighbours! Kava in Australia – We’re celebrating all right!