Kava Package Deals

Navigating the Australia Kava Market can be tricky. There are now more than 90 vendors with over 300 different product types. At Australia Kava Shop we make it easy for both first time kava users and experienced kava boffins with our kava package deals.

We have designed our Package Deals so that you can experience the full breadth of our kava range without having to break the bank! In all cases we also include a free kava straining bag as well.

In all our Kava Packages Deals, we try and cover the full gamut of kava variations. Are you wanting to try both Fiji and Vanuatu kava varieties, we have you covered? Are you unsure about whether a heady or heavy kava type is best suited for you? In all cases our kava package deals include both heady and Keavy kava types. Are you unsure about gradients types, whether to go fine grade or traditional grade? Again, we have you covered with all our package deals including both 1-3mm and fine gradient powder types. Finally, are you unsure about whether you want to use traditional kava preparation techniques, or are you thinking about Instant Kava as an alternative to your kava squeezing sessions? We cover this option with our Kava 3 Pack, which has traditional kava powder as well as Instant kava!

The Team at Australia kava Shop endeavor to make kava a success in Australia. We believe that by giving a range of options to our customers is likely the best way for new kava customers to land on the product they like.

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