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It is unknown exactly when kava first came to Fiji. Some traditional stories suggest it was via Samoa, however it is more likely to have been brought by sea fares from Vanuatu. Regardless of how it arrived in Fiji, the two are now permanently tied. If someone mentions Fiji they automatedly think of kava and visa versa.

Our good friends at Kava Fiji have listed many of the different varieties including Bisinisi, Mata Karo and others. Fiji kava though is often not referred to by a specific variety, but simply what part of the root is used. Waka Roots (the basal or lateral root of the kava plant) are the premium roots. These contain larger levels of kava lactone. They are used in high level custom ceremonies and as gifts and are prized for their strong effect. Lawena roots is the stump root and is reserved for every day drinking of kava. Not as strong as Waka, Lawena still has its place for a milder drink.  A good comparison would be that Waka is like a Balter Brewery beer, whereas Lewena would be like drinking a XXXX gold.

Fiji has the largest amount of kava of all the South Pacific nations. It has a thriving kava export economy that supplies to the USA and throughout Europe. As the kava farmers in a Fiji use more modern agricultural methods than Vanuatu they are also able to produce at a higher yield.

There is an age old argument over which kava is the strongest – Vanuatu or Fiji. We would reserve our comments on this aside to say it all comes down to how what the kava to water ratio is used in preparation.

Australia Kava Shop only imports the very best Waka kava from our Fiji partners – partners that we have dealt with for over a decade. If you wish to Buy FIji Kava, as the saying goes “We Know Our Roots” and only bring the best Fiji kava to Australian customers.

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