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Instant Kava – Kava Ready to Go! 

✔️ Quick to make – simply put into a shaker or glass, stir and drink!

✔️ Only a half teaspoon per serve

✔️ Easy to mix with your favourite juice or Shake

✔️ Made from green kava juice – not just micronized powder!

kava shell Purchase this item and get 1-13 kava shells - valued at $1.00-$13.00 you can use off your next order!
kava shell Purchase this item and get 1-13 kava shells - valued at $1.00-$13.00 you can use off your next order!
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Kava Made Easy!

Are you new to kava, but not sure about the preparation process? Let us introduce you to our Instant kava!

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Instant Kava 1kg

Get Creative with Instant Kava

Instant kava works fantastic with a range of your favourite beverages!

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Instant Kava 1kg
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Why Real Instant kava Matters!

Our Instant Kava is made using an aqueous extract process, not yucky alcohol, or chemical extraction. It is soluble in water with only the effort of stirring a coffee required!

Unlike other supposed instant kava our product is made from the green kava juice of Borogu and Palarusal kava plants from Santo Island. Everyday farmers bring fresh kava in from the islands. It is then cleaned and juiced under strict HACCP conditions.  The juice is then dried out in evaporators to form a powder. It is then milling into a soluble powder ready to drink!

All our Instant Kava is tested to confirm that only noble kava is used in its production. Thorough microbial testing is also done to be sure that the kava is free of contaminants. For the most recent certification reports for our Instant Kava click HERE.

Our product is not simply heavily micronized powder like other vendors sell. Heavily micronized powder sold as instant simply means that you are digesting all the fibred from a dried kava root. Australia Kava Shop’s instant kava won’t up set your stomach like these inferior products moreover it won’t make you feel bloated drinking it. After all who like to eat dried kava powder…. Nobody!

Check out some of our Instant Kava Recipes here:

Product FAQ’s

Q: How much Instant kava should I make per serve.

A: We suggest starting with a level teaspoon into 30 ml of water. From there you can dial it back or increase the amount. If you want some inspiration on how to prepare Instant kava, chec out some of our Instant kava recipes HERE.

Q: Is Instant kava a Heady or Heavy kava

A: Australia Kava Shop Instant kava leans towards the heady euphoric type of kava as it is made of a mix of Palarasul, Melo Mel and Borogu kava plants.

Q: This is my first time buying Instant Kava from Australia Kava Shop, what can I expect?

A: All our Instant Kava is certified as being made from noble kava sourced from Santo island. Check our Instant Kava test report HERE.

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We are here if you have any questions about our Instant Kava. Don’t hesitate to CALL or email us if you have any questions.

Shells for Board

Shells for Boards

We are all about giving back to the Pacific community, so we have developed the Shells for Boards Program.  When you buy kava from Australia Kava Shop, we donate a dollar for every kilo sold to our charity partners, the Vanuatu Surfing Association! click here for more.

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