Kava 3 Pack – Quick, Smooth and Mellow!

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Kava 3 Pack – The Quick, Smooth and Mellow Combination!

The Quick social buzz of Vanuatu’s Instant Kava, the Smooth balanced serenity of Fiji Harmony rounded out with the Relaxed Chill Heavy of Melo Melo from Pentecost Island!


✔️ 250gm of Fiji’s Harmony – Balanced Serenity.

✔️ 250gm of the Melo Melo – Brilliant Alcohol replacement! 

✔️ 100gm of Instant Kava – Social Buzz Ready in 10 seconds

✔️  Re-Useable Straining Bag

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We have you covered with the Kava 3-Pack package deal

Working your way through the Australian kava market is tricky at times.  So many varieties and so many variations.

Australia Kava Shop takes the hassle out of having to commit to an entire variety with the Kava 3 pack. It includes 100gm of Vanuatu Vanuatu , 250gm of Fiji’s famous Fiji Harmony and 250gm of Waka Premium PLUS a kava straining bag.

1 x Instant Kava 100gm

Balanced Head and Heavy – Instant Kava

The biggest problem with Kava is the preparation time. Our instant kava solves this problem. Simply put a half teaspoon in your glass of water or shaker, stir for 10 seconds, and drink! Unlike other instant kavas on the market, ours is made from the green kava juice of Borogu and Palarusal plants from Santo Island. Every day farmers bring fresh kava in from the islands. It is then cleaned and juiced under strict HACCP conditions, dried out in evaporators to form a powder, milled into a soluble powder ready to drink!

1 x Melo Melo 250gm

Melo Melo, originating from Pentecost Island, is widely regarded as one of the finest noble kava varieties in Vanuatu. This particular kava offers a subtle flavor profile that isn’t overly strong, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience. The name itself perfectly captures the mellow effect it creates, making it a favorite among seasoned kava enthusiasts who appreciate the euphoric and sociable buzz it delivers.

1 x Fiji Harmony 250gm

The Perfect Mind and Body relaxation from Fiji

Fiji Harmony is a gentle take on our famous Waka Premium. We intentionally dialed down the bitterness of Fiji Harmony to appeal to kava newbies. It still brings a strong body relaxation effect like all good Fiji Kava types as well as having a chilled euphoria.  

Even balanced unlike its brutish cousin Waka Premium, Fiji Harmony carries you down the river to a harmonious balance of mind and body!

Shells for Board

Shells for Boards

We are all about giving back to the Pacific community, so we have developed the Shells for Boards Program.  When you buy kava from Australia Kava Shop, we donate a dollar for every kilo sold to our charity partners, the Vanuatu Surfing Association! click here for more.

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