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Kelai Kava – Exclusive Vanuatu Noble Kava

Kelai Kava offers a heady and stunningly euphoric experience, making it one of the best Kava choices in the world. Whether enjoyed alone or with friends, its strong buzz and captivating effects set the stage for a majestic afternoon.


🏝️ Prized Noble Kava from Epi Island, Vanuatu

✨ Majestic Euphoric Buzz

🌞 The Perfect Afternoon Chill Out


Sitting on the balcony at Epi island Guest House and enjoying a shell of Kelai kava, might just be one of the best kava experiences in the world! We can’t get to Epi Guest House easily, but you can now replicate the Kelai Kava experience in Australia!


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Shells for Board

Shells for Boards

We are all about giving back to the Pacific community, so we have developed the Shells for Boards Program.  When you buy kava from Australia Kava Shop, we donate a dollar for every kilo sold to our charity partners, the Vanuatu Surfing Association! click here for more.

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Epi island is the northern most island of Vanuatu’s SHEFA province and is renowned for its beauty. It comes with an incredible, yet barbaric history tied to Valesdir plantation but also produces some pristine noble variety kava. The most renown is the Kelai kava strain.

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Kelai Kava

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Kelai Kava is similar to Melo Melo in that it was originally a noble variety kava that was kept “in house” by its island of origin ni-vanuatu due to its smaller size and less yield reward for farmers. However, as word got out about this highly euphoric variety, Epi farmers began to grown it on a more commercial basis. This is fantastic news for Australian kava drinkers as Australia Kava Shop are now able to access this premium kava.

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Kelai 500gm

We have secured a trial amount of 100kg of noble certified Kelai kava. Our Kelai kava comes from Mafilau in the southern part of Epi and shipped direct to our partners processing facility in Port Vila. It is mixed at a root ratio of 70% stump and 30% lateral roots and milled to a 1-3mm gradient, so not super fine. We recommend trialing this kava in the afternoon with a 10gm per serve, 10:1 water ratio. Allow 20 minutes for the Kelai euphoric effect and determine your frequency and future mix ratios from there.

When you  order Kelai Kava from us, we would love to hear from you re your thoughts on this kava. We believe it is even more exotic than Melo Melo with a slightly stronger taste. As you will note from the price it is more expensive to acquire, but the effects are commensurate. Think of it as a “Top Shelf Kava” in your kava powder collection.

Finally if you are looking at buying some Kelai, we recommend you also purchase a specialised kava straining bag to maxmise your brew when you make kava.

Product FAQ’s

Q: What mixing ratio should I use when preparing Kelai Kava.

A: When mixing Kelai kava, we recommend using the standard Vanuatu mixing ratios.

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Q: Is Kelai a Heady or Heavy kava

A: Kelai kava is considered a heady kava with euphoric notes and a mild relaxing body effect.

Q: This is my first time buying Kelai from Australia Kava Shop, what can I expect?

A: We pride ourselves on delivering quality noble variety – you can check out our certification documentation from our latest batch of Kelai HERE

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