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Importing and drinking kava is now legal in Australia – so why use black market operators? Buy Kava in Australia from our premium product range, at the best price, express delivered to your door.

We only source the best varieties from the most reliable exporters. We only import kava that is certified as noble variety and has passed mocrobial testing at its country of origin. Once in Australia, our kava is passed by Australian Quarantine’s biological and food standards. It is then packaged in Australia by HACCAP certified food packers.

We have worked in kava since 2004. During this time, we’ve made contacts in the kava industry throughout the Pacific and the United States.  Check out Australia Kava Shop’s range of kava, our team and history and you’ll see that “We know our Roots!”.


Buy the Kava 3 Pack and try our entire range at close to $40 off the normal price!

Not sure which kava variety to choose, then try our Kava 3 pack! Including 250gm of Vanuatu's Kelai and 250gm of Fiji's Waka Premium (Fine Grade) PLUS a 100gm Instant Kava.
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Kava in Australia - We're celebrating!

Kava has been used throughout the Pacific for centuries as a social tonic and for custom ceremonies. A big wedding coming up? Then bringing kava is essential. Have a dispute with your neighbour? Then sit down and share some kava together and resolve the issue. It is an integral part of society in most South Pacific countries.

We are celebrating the chance for people to be able to finally buy kava in Australia and want to make sure kava is a success in Australia

Kava in Australia
Vanuatu vs Fiji

Fiji kava vs Vanuatu kava

The argument about whether Fiji kava is better than Vanuatu kava is decades long. If you want to buy kava, but are unsure about which countries kava to pick, you have come to the right place. We supply only premium kava from both countries, but understanding the difference is important.

We are super passionate about kava, it’s been our life’s work! Check out our Kava Blog area for insight into what we do, kava developments, how to make and buy kava and general kava info! Click HERE to see our full library of kava blogs.