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Shells for Boards - Australia Kava Shop

Shells for Boards

Empowering Youth through Shells for Board

Cam from Australia Kava Shop talks about Shells for Board program. Recently, Cam had a video meeting with Mick, the Vanuatu Surfing Association (VSA) president, and Dale John, an enthusiastic young Pango surfer. Let’s dive into this heartwarming experience!

A Vibrant Surfing Community

Young Vanuatu Surfers - Australia Kava Shop

As Mick and Dale John guided us through the bustling scene of the junior surfing competition, it became evident that surfing is more than just a pastime in Vanuatu – it’s a way of life and a means of bringing the community together. The competition, geared towards the under-18 age group, served as a festive prelude to the upcoming school year, offering young surfers an opportunity to ride the waves together.

Fostering Belonging and Well-being

Shells for Board - VSA_Community Australia kava shop

Mick underscored the significance of the VSA’s role in Vanuatu’s small Pacific island community. The association strives to foster a sense of belonging, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and provide a supportive environment for the youth through surfing. Surfing offers a way to ride waves, create opportunities, promote well-being, and instill camaraderie in young surfers.

The Power of Support through Shells for Boards

Shells for Board -Kava and leg ropes - Australia Kava Shop

Mick emphasized the practical needs of VSA, which include surfboards, leg ropes, fins, and wax. He expressed heartfelt appreciation for the support received through the “Shells for Boards” program, highlighting how this initiative has equipped aspiring young surfers with the necessary gear. It was heartening to learn how our contributions have made a tangible, positive impact on the surfing community in Vanuatu.

Leg_Ropes Australia Kava Shop

Dale's Inspiring Journey

Dale Pango surfer - Australia Kava Shop

Dale, a young and spirited surfer, exemplified the enthusiasm and vitality that the VSA seeks to nourish in the youth. His determination and love for surfing were undeniable, demonstrating the transformative influence of the sport in his life. Dale shared his experiences, highlighting how surfing provides an outlet for energy, passion, and a sense of purpose and belonging for him and his peers.

The Call to Support

While surfboards are greatly appreciated, sustaining a surfing culture requires additional resources. Mick emphasized the ongoing need for leg ropes, fins, and wax to facilitate the programs and opportunities provided by the VSA. Your generous donations can make a real difference in nurturing the next generation of surfers.

Shells for Board-Pango surfers - Australia Kava Shop

Witnessing the vibrant junior surfing competition organized by the Vanuatu Surfing Association was a reminder of the power of community, the joy of surfing, and the transformative impact it has on the youth. Let’s come together to support the VSA and its mission to empower, uplift, and inspire the young surfers of Vanuatu. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and ways you can make a difference in the lives of others.