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Buy Kava online - Vanuatu Surfing Association

For every kg of kava we sell online, we donate $1 to the Vanuatu Surfing Association!

We built our previous kava business on making sure that our suppliers and staff were paid above rate and award and that we gave back to the community whenever possible. This time round is no different with Australia Kava Shop acting as charity partners to the Vanuatu Surfing Association.

The Vanuatu Surfing Association are a registered charity and sports association (#500892) in Vanuatu, and have been established since 2008. They run surf out-reach and training programs to help get kids who would not normally have access to surf equipment get in the water! They also run community and female focused groups using surfing as an act for change in developing and maintaining confidence, empowerment, and fitness. 

The constant challenge for the Vanuatu Surfing Assoc is getting equipment, particularly over the past 3 years with the COVID border lock downs. Coupled with the lock down’s is that Vanuatu surf breaks are reef breaks, meaning the boards they have in stock are constantly getting damaged and have a shorter life span than boards used on beach breaks in Australia. This means they are desperate to get more equipment and Australia Kava Shop are happy to jump in to give a hand.

Vanuatu Surfers Competing at the 2020 Lei-Malo Classic

Vanuatu Surfers Competing
Vanuatu Surfers Competing
“I volunteer whole-heartedly with the Surfing Association despite the geographical challenges of spreading the stoke of surfing in Vanuatu because these are outweighed by the rewards of introduction of a new sport and healthy outlet for youth which the Association uses as a vehicle for awareness of social and environmental issues to influence positive holistic change in communities.”
Vanuatu Surfing Association.
Stef Mahuk
President - Vanuatu Surfing Association

Every quarter we wire a donation with  $1 matched to each kg that we sell online. This money is for both equipment being sent to Vanuatu and for community projects. We will update on this page every quarter with what we have donated and add pics of the VSA getting their much-needed equipment and rolling out new community projects.

If you are planning to travel to Vanuatu, the surf is excellent from November through to April-May. Grommets on old boards with massive smiles will hoot every wave that comes through – including the ones that you are on! There are very few line ups in the world where you come out with a smile on your face from the crowd regardless of the waves you caught. If you do travel to Vanuatu and wish to take a surfboard with you to use and/or donate to the Vanuatu Surfing Association, please do not hesitate to either reach out to us to introduce you or you can contact them directly on their Facebook page HERE.

Solwota Sistas
Vanuatu Surfing Association
Vanuatu Surfing Association.
Vanuatu Surfing Association

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Arlene Bax –

Stef Mahuk – Vanuatu Surfing Association.