General FAQs

General Questions

How do you make Kava?

All Australia Kava Shop orders come with basic preparation instructions. We have also posted Kava Preparation Instructions on our blog page that explore a number of other easy options. If you want to experiment with more obscure kava preparation techniques, there are some excellent tutorials HERE

How does kava make you feel?

Kava affects people in different ways; however most people describe a relaxed feeling with a mild euphoria and a relaxing body effect.

Q: Why should I buy kava from Australia Kava Shop?

We have over 14 years’ experience in Kava in the Pacific and source only the best kava from Vanuatu and Fiji. We offer multiple payment options and the quickest delivery service in Australia.

Kava Safety Questions


Is Kava Addictive?

Kava root is considered non-addictive. It can be habit forming though and can lead to the development of tolerance. 

Can Kava cause liver damage?

Many years ago a report of some liver health concerns that connected this to kava was published. This led to a ban in some countries. Subsequent studies have shown that traditional kava consumption is safe, leading to the ban being lifted in most countries which previously banned it. The best litmus test is that the people of the South Pacific have been drinking kava for hundreds of years and to date there is no evidence that these countries have higher than average liver problems.

Do Australia Kava Shop test our kava?

We strive to have the best quality kava available in Australia. We do this by receiving testing documentation prior to importation of all our kava. We have our kava certified for: Noble variety confirmation and Microbiological content (free from E.Coli, Salmonella and other contaminants  ). For each shipment we make we update our testing documentation HERE.

Does Australia Kava Shop test for pesticides?

The use of pesticides in agriculture is almost nonexistent in the South Pacific. Heavy Metals are also nonexistent in countries that export kava from the region. It is for these reasons we do not test for either of them.

Can children drink kava?

Legally yes, however this is frowned upon in cultures that drink kava and we do not recommend it either.

Can pregnant women drink kava?

There has been no studies in relation to this. We would recommend consulting with your doctor prior to drinking kava if you are pregnant.

What is Australia Kava Shop’s Refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can return the unused portion with 30 days for a refund equal to the price of the unused product minus shipping. We do not offer refunds for products that have been used in their entirety.

If we made a mistake with your order or if there is something wrong with the product you purchased, we will issue an exchange at no cost to you.