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Best instant I’ve tried. I really struggle with the smell and taste of kava. Fast delivery and works best in juice I have found. Product also works fast! Would highly recommend

First time kava

Postage was very fast. Haven’t tried the product yet. Look forward to it. Will let you no when I do

Potent and and unlike many others

Very unique kaya, has a very smokey almost oak like flavour profile. Extremely fine powder that I actually just use as a instant power. Mixed with water and down the hatch.

Has aided in sleep and recovery.

Excellent powder

The instant Kava is awesome! Very relaxing for the whole body without affecting the mind. Also mixes easily in orange juice, and goes to work fast. Gives very relaxing and deep sleep and completely mitigates stress. I can highly recommend this product!

Thanks for the cracking review Becky – keep an eye on this page for new and upcoming Instant kava recipes –

Great product and service

Love the product, super quick delivery and friendly correspondence. This is second purchase ive made and happily recommend

Thanks fore the great review Brian – we’re loving the instant as well !

First timer

After wanting to try kava for some time I finally got to give it a go. Very pleased with this product. I’ve been adding a few teaspoons to some juice to great effect. It’s a very enjoyable relaxing way to unwind at the end of a long day. A shout out to the team thanks for the Lollie and amazing service 🙂

Stoked you like the Instant Kyle – Nothing better than unwinding from work with a snappy Instant Kava!

Can't have enough of it

I’m buying Melo Melo for the third time here. It is definitely my favorite so far after trying some other kavas. I will probably try Kelai sooner or later, but 70g of Melo Melo to 700mL of warm water is where it’s at for me. I tried 40g then 60g but found 70g to be the right amount. Also, I’m relatively new to kava, so I struggled with its taste until I found a slice of fresh grapefruit chasing kava shell working beautifully. The bitterness of grapefruit masks kava taste really well.

Thanks for the review G – We just got in out latest batch of Melo Melo and it doesn’t disappoint!

Waka grade (Fiji)

I’m by no means a Kava connoisseur but this is the best I’ve had in nearly twenty years.

Best Instant Kava I've tried

I’m so happy with Australia Kava’s instant Kava powder.

I have tried quite a few other brands of instant, and traditional Kava, and this is by far the nicest.

It is quite a bit stronger than other instant Kava’s on the market, so you use less, however because it taste so much better you will probably use it up much faster, like I did.

I make myself a lovely little glass of pineapple juice with a teaspoon of coconut cream and a teaspoon of Australia Instant Kava every evening to relax and chill. It is bliss.

I also love knowing that Australia Kava is an ethical company with heart.

Thanks for the review Abbie! We love the sound of that Instant Kava recipe and will give it a test run this weekend!

Great Kava

This is definitely not your instant java you are used to (micronised). Has a very tolerable taste and mixes without any sediment at all. Easy drink and great Kava effects!

Stoked you like it Dave – check this link out to see how you can make Kava Cola with your Instant –

Been missing kava

Great that we can buy high quality kava in Australia. Very happy with the product and service offered.

Wrapped you like our 4 pack Andrew – Let us know which one is your favourite!

This is good quality Fijian Waka, perfect for if you prefer a heavier grog. A big shout out to Australian Kava Shop for doing their bit to ensure the pilot phase two trial is a success!

The Waka certainly brings the HEAVY – glad you liked it Lyla!

Pure calm

Enjoying my restful sleep and reduced anxiety. Cannot recommend this product enough. My whole experience from purchase to delivery was extremely prompt and genuine, with beautiful, friendly customer service. The Kava was perfect quality.

Thanks Michelle – glad you like the Waka, its certainly the strongest we have on the heavy body scale.

Does the job well.

Gone are the days of using an old T shirt or stockings to strain your Kava! These bags are the best and make it so quick and easy. Thanks australiakavashop 👍

Hi EH – Thanks for the review. The boss is sure happy we don’t raid her stockings anymore either!

Thumbs up

I’m loving the Borogu. It’s very smooth tasting therefore easy to drink. Not overwhelmingly peppery. I found it’s effects sometimes slower to kick in so I wait about 10 minutes before my next cup so as to not over do it! A pleasant heady feel. Have been mixing with Waka or Kelai. Thanks! Would definitely recommend this one even if your not new to Kava.

Thanks for the review EH! We are not allowed to have favourites at Australia Kava Shop, but I’ll break the rules on this one. It my personal fave!! Cheers Cam

Instant works good

I’ve now tried instant & brewed kava. Instant definitely has the relaxation GABA qualities of brewed kava. Perhaps I was more overcome with relaxation from the brewed but that could be simply dose related as I consumed 30 grams of brewed.
But bottom line is that Instant does work as an anti anxiety agent and it’s effects on gaba are similar to brewed.
Happy kava drinking everyone!

Thanks Chris – We love the Instant because well its just so easy!

Instant kava

Very easy Very nice

Thanks GC – We like just how easy it is to use as well!

Keep coming back 👏🏻

I just love it ! Potent and relaxing. Recommend to anyone else with anxiety

HI Steve – Glad we were able to help out!

Perfect arvo relaxation

Stacks up nicely as a heady kava for a relaxed arvo – highly recommended!

Thanks Dan – You make it sound that good we are going to bust out a brew this afternoon!

Awesome 👏🏻

I just love this product, What a great way to take away your stress. Thank you Australia Kava Shop.

I enjoy the mental relaxation that comes with kava but so far the Waka stands out as being the best one I’ve tried that gives muscle & body relaxation & love it.

HI Damian – Thanks for the review and we’re glad that the Waka has hit the spot!


Nice stuff – mentally relaxing & I like blending it in with Waka which I love for the extra muscle relaxation.

Nothing wrong with blending different types of kava – we love a good Borogu/Waka Fine Grade mix!


Very nice

Don’t let this light coloured, mild tasting grog deceive you, she packs a heady punch :). I am designating Melo Melo as my lazy Sunday afternoon kava.

Thanks Lyla – yes the MM is deceiving to the eye, but brings the heady !