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Kava Powder

Fiji Kava

500gm Waka Premium

Waka Premium
$65.95 – $221.95

kava straining bag

Kava Straining Bag

Vanuatu Kava

500gm Kelai Kava

Kelai Kava
$61.95 – $197.50

500gm Melo Melo

Melo Melo
$57.95 – $187.95

1Kg Borogu Kava

$51.95 – $168.95

kava straining bag

Kava Straining Bag 

Package Deals

Kava 3 Packs

Kava 3 Pack – A piece of Vanuatu, a portion of Fiji and a dash of Instant!
$194.85 – $154.95

Kava 4 Packs

Kava 4 pack – 4 x 250gm packs of our most popular kava
$179.95 – $186.95

Buy Kava powder today from Australia Kava Shop
We Know Our Roots!

Buy Kava Powder from Australia Kava Shop Today. The team at Australia kava Shop pride ourselves on stocking some of the best kava powder from the Pacific. We are meticulous in our criteria for the quality of kava we stock. Our guidelines are:

  1.  All our kava imports are certified as Noble Variety kava by a country-of-origin laboratory before they are imported. Supply partners MUST supply us with noble kava certification before we take receipt of their shipments. Noble kava certification documents for all our kava powder range are HERE.
  2.  Imports must pass a microbial test before being exported, by a country-of-origin laboratory. Australian Quarantine inspect all kava imports using a microbial testing protocol. However, we want to double blind this process.
  3.  Australia Kava Shop products are  packaged in HACCAP certified premises in Australia. Partnering with HACCAP packaging partners Synergy Group,  means we pack our kava in climate controlled HACCAP conditions minimising the risk of contamination and mould during the packing process.

The Australia Kava Shop range consists of kava powder from both Vanuatu and Fiji. Vanuatu kava powders are famous for their heady euphoric qualities. Moreover, Fiji kava is known for its heavy body effects, particularly the Waka range.

Not sure which kava is the best fit for you, then we recommend you buy kava powder in the kava package deals. They give you the full range of varieties and country of origin kava that we stock.

If you are unsure about how to buy kava powder and what do to do with it, we are here to assist. Check here for more information on:

The team at Australia Kava Shop want kava to be a success in Australia. There is only one way to do that and that is to make sure that everyone buy wants to buy kava powder can do in a safe and knowledgeable environment. We’re here to help, so CONTACT US if you have any questions.

We Know Our Roots.