Coconut Kava Shell


The Coconut Kava Shell – Enjoy your kava just like you are on the beach in the Pacific!

✔️ Make your kava a truly Pacific Experience!

✔️ Smoothed out finish

✔️ Dishwasher Safe

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Kava Coconut Shell
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Hey there!

Looking for a way to add more authenticity and enjoyment to your kava routine? We’ve got just the thing for you! The Coconut Kava Shell from our Australia Kava Shop!

Kava Shells

OK we know you’re thinking: why should I go for this?

Let us throw some light on this real quick!

  • It’s REAL and NATURAL: Made from a real coconut shell, how cool is that?! 🥥 It adds a whole new level of authenticity to your kava drink!
  • UNIQUE Prep and Flavour: They say, kava tastes better when served in a coconut shell. It’s like a free flavour enhancer!
  • STURDY and DURABLE: These shells are super tough! You’ll have a hard time trying to break it. So, it’s not just about looks, it really lasts!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: We’re all about saving Mother Earth, aren’t we? Switch to coconut shells, it’s a must! 🌏
  • COOL AESTHETIC: Imagine, sipping on your kava from a coconut shell…Feels like you’re in the tropics, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Coconut Kava Shell now and drink kava the way it was intended to be enjoyed!

Shells for Board

Shells for Boards

We are all about giving back to the Pacific community, so we have developed the Shells for Boards Program.  When you buy kava from Australia Kava Shop, we donate a dollar for every kilo sold to our charity partners, the Vanuatu Surfing Association! click here for more.