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Kava Testing Policy

Kava Testing - Australia Kava Shop
Kava Testing Australia Kava Shop

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Kava Testing Policy - Australia Kava Shop 

At Australia Kava Shop, we endeavor to supply the highest quality noble kava to the Australian kava community. To do this, we commit to only importing noble kava that has been tested to confirm noble variety and microbial testing standards in their country of origin. Our kava testing policy is simple. If the order doesn’t pass noble variety testing at its country of origin, it doesn’t get shipped.

Unfortunately, Australian import regulations under the Phase 2 kava trial are NOT testing for noble variety kava. This means that the market will likely be flooded with “Tudei/2 day” and “wild” kava and “Makas” (re-used kava from kava bars). Unfortunately, these forms of kava have been proven to be detrimental to your health and are high in the DHM (5) kava lactone which can cause nausea and lethargy. This is the reason it is called “TuDei/2day” kava, as these effects last for up to 2 days. For more information on this we recommend reading HERE.

Our noble variety kava testing is done using the colorimetric testing method by the Vanuatu and Fiji departments of Agriculture and Biosecurity. We only accept kava imports that have colorimetric tested between 0.2 to 0.92. This is well below the accepted maximum threshold of 1.1. Any colormetric test that shows a score higher than 0.92 means that it is HIGHLY likely that the kava is of a Tudei or wild variety kava.

We also perform microbial tests for all our kava prior to importation. This is done by the National Bureau of Standards from each country we import from. This make sure that our kava confirms to the Quality control methods for medicinal plant materials World Health Organization Geneva and is free of E.coli, mold, bacteria and other impurities.

The Kava Market in Australia is expected to mature over the next 12 months. Similar to the United States market, vendors who abide by strict kava testing policy quality control will future-proof their business. Kava drinkers will only put up with inferior vendors for a small amount of time. Australia Kava Shop are wanting to form an Australian Kava Association for vendors. The intent will be to have all members  have their product range test for nobility certification in Australia. All Australian kava vendors who are interested, should contact us. Moreover, any kava drinkers interested in pursuing increased quality of kava are invited to also contact us.