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Enhancing the lives of Australians through kava!

With 17 years’ experience in the kava industry, we are as passionate as ever about how kava can improve the lives of Australians….. We Know Our Roots!

With many Australians looking to move away from alcohol, they are looking for safe and legal social tonics. Enter 1000s of years of Vanuatu kava, the ideal social beverage. All the fun but with No Hangover

Anxiety and Insomnia are a true scourge of Australian society. Fiji Kava, renown for its ability to relax the body and turn off the head noise, is the perfect nullifier!

Our lives are fast paced and not everyone has the time to prepare traditional kava. Instant kava, ready in 10seconds or the Alu Ball Kava Shaker ready in 2 minutes both fit perfectly into busy Australians lives!

Our customers love telling us how kava has improved their relationships, increased their sleep quality, lowered their anxiety, and helped them kick alcohol to the kerb

We can’t wait to help YOU start your kava journey and change your life as well!



Australia Kava Shop is a family owned business with history in the kava business reaching back to 2007. We source certified noble variety exclusively from our Pacific contacts that we have built over the past 17 years. We want kava in Australia to be a success. To do this we package our products in HACCAP certified conditions. We also certify that all our imports are of noble variety. We strive to make your Australian kava experience the best possible.


Australia Kava Shop's history in the kava space

Kava Cola

After developing a kava extract that meant we could get the kava reduced down to a 100:1 ratio on normal kava, we decided to show the world how it could be used. In partnership with Vanuatu Beverages, we showed the world what could be done with “Lava Cola”.

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Tanna Kava

Tanna Island is known as having the strongest kava in the world. However due to its rugged nature and the strength of culture, Tanna kava was rarely used outside of Vanuatu.  In 2008 we worked with custom facilitators to export the strongest kava in the world to the USA and helped put money back into the hands of Tannese kava growers. 

Tanna Kava

Fiji Partners

Walking through the Nadi kava markets can be daunting for first timers. We were lucky to meet Atish Govind and Zurin Ali from QIO Kava on one of our first trips and they helped us traverse the kava landscape in Fiji. We went onto partner with them to send many tonnes of their Fiji waka to the United States and countries in the EU.

Fiji Partners

The Kava Emporium

Vanuatu has always been a popular tourism destination. However there was no store that focused solely on promoting and selling kava to tourists. In 2008 we decided to change that and opened “The Kava Emporium”. It revolutionised the way kava was retailed both in Vanuatu and throughout the world. Kava Candy, Kava Chocolate, we stocked it all.

The Kava Emporium

United States and EU Kava Market

We built relationships with the booming nakamal industry in the US throughout the 00’s. Vanuatu kava and Fiji kava were supplied by us to many US kava bars. These kava bars included Noble Kava, Sovereign Kava and Square Rut. We also supplied EU companies such as Europe Kava Club.

United States Kava Market

Community Engagement

We partnered with both Vanuatu Rugby League and the Vanuatu Surfing Association to help them financially with their Rugby League Test matches and International surf contests as well as development programs. We are still involved with the Vanuatu Surfing Association today!

Community Engagement

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy kava and that’s kind of the same thing”
The Kava Kritic – Kava Forums 2014

Our journey from 2007 to Australia Kava Shop Today!

Awarded the “Happiest Country on Earth” by the “Happy Planet Index” multiple times, Vanuatu  and Fiji are also known for their kava. These are not mutually exclusive and the fact that most Ni-Vanuatu and Fijians finish their day with a shell of kava could very well have something to do with them being happy!

The team at Australia Kava Shop met in Vanuatu in the 2002. After working in other industries, they decided to build a kava business. That lead us into developing new kava products, opening new markets around the world, starting the world’s first dedicated kava retail store and most importantly, meeting the best people in the kava business. Click HERE to see some of our previous kava endeavors!

We relocated to Australia in 2016 and closed down our kava business after Tropical Cyclone Pam. However, when the Australian government decided to make kava imports legal again, we decided to utilise our old network to make the best kava from the South Pacific available in Australia. Therefore “Australia Kava Shop” was born.

We are dedicated to making the kava experience an option for all Australians and to do it with the best product, the best service, at the best price. We are happy to claim “We Know Our Roots” .

Australia Kava Shop is owned by 

Sokomanu Leivatanu Holdings Pty Ltd:

C/O Suite 3, Level 3/20 Smith

St, Parramatta NSW 2150

ABN: 27 217 192 725

ACN: 614 656 183