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LIVE LIFE-  LOVE LIFE – Absorb the Serenity of the very best of Fiji Kava –  Fiji Harmony! 

Fiji Harmony will relax your muscles, unwind your body and allow your mind to enter a blissful state of tranquility!




What is in Fiji Harmony?
Fiji Harmony is a blended kava. It is 70% White Lewena Root – which gives it a nice social euphoria and 30% Waka Root which gives the relaxing calm.
How to Prepare
1. Purchase an Alu Ball Kava Shaker and its ready in 2 minutes. Simply add Some Fiji Harmony into the Shaker, add you water and shake for 2 minutes.


2. Purchase a kava straining Bag and its ready in 5 minutes. Simply blend your kava powder and water, then pour it into the bag whilst sitting in a bowl and kneed the kava for 4 minute

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Fiji Harmony Australia Kava Shop

Buy Fiji Kava and unlock your inner tranquility.

Embark on a sensory journey and indulge in the sublime relaxation provided by Fiji Harmony… Fiji Kava at its best! This extraordinary herbal elixir is renowned for its ability to calm the mind, soothe the spirit, and restore harmony to your busy life.

Alu Ball Kava Shaker - Australia Kava Shop

Fiji Harmony - Quick to Prepare!

Fiji Harmony is quick and easy to prepare whichever method you choose.

You can use the Alu Ball Kava Shaker and have your kava ready in 2 minutes.


Use Australia Kava Shop’s Kava Straining Bag and prepare your kava in 5 minutes. PLUS you can prepare enough for 3 days in the same 5 minutes!

Quality above all else.

At Australia Kava Shop, we prioritise your well-being. Our Fiji Harmony kava is meticulously sourced from the lush tropical islands of Fiji, where it is nurtured by pristine soil and nourished by the gentle tropical sun.

We follow strict quality control measures. This means every batch of our Fiji Harmony meets the highest standards of purity, potency, and authenticity. Don’t take our word on it we test all our Fiji kava products using the Kavalytics TM testing protocol.

Kavalyltics Fiji Harmony
Refill your cup - Australia Kava Shop

Its time to find your Zen again with Fiji Harmony, the best of Fiji kava.

Experience the essence of Fiji’s tranquility with Fiji Harmony Kava.

 Feel your worries melt away, leaving you refreshed, focused, and ready to take on any challenge the next day with No Hang Over!

Don't you deserve better Sleep?

Quality Fiji Kava is renown for its relaxing qualities. Coupled with this is the better sleep you get when drinking it.

Fiji Harmony allows your body to completely relax which means your sleep quality improves as well. See Fiji Harmony’s REVIEWS to read how our customers are getting the sleep they deserve!

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Unlock Your Wellness - Fiji Harmony
Fiji Harmony Kava 1KG
Reclaim Your Serenity
Better Sleep
Fiji Harmony
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Fiji Kava - Why is it so effective?

Kava has been used in the South Pacific for centuries as a social tonic and for traditional ceremonies, and it has gained a reputation around the world for its calming and anxiety-reducing properties. In this blog, we will explore why Fiji Kava is so good for relaxing and why it can be beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia and PTSD.

The calming properties of kava are due to its active compounds called kavalactones. These compounds interact with the brain’s receptors to produce a calming effect and relieve anxiety. The Fiji Kava range from Australia Kava Shop include Fiji Harmony and Waka Premium. Both are made from high-quality kava roots sourced directly from Fiji, where the potent kava plant is grown under ideal conditions for maximum efficacy. This results in a range of Fiji Kava products that are high in kavalactones and has a potent and consistent effect.

Fiji Kava has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety in those with mild to moderate anxiety disorders. In a 2013 study, participants who took kava reported a significant reduction in anxiety compared to those who were given a placebo. Fiji Kava can help people who experience anxiety in situations such as social gatherings or work-related stress, as well as those who struggle with generalized anxiety disorder. This makes Fiji harmony an excellent alternative or complement to prescription anti-anxiety medications.

Insomnia is another issue that Fiji Kava can help with. Sleep is essential for good health, and lack of sleep can cause a range of problems such as decreased productivity, weight gain, and mood disturbances. Kava helps to promote relaxation and can lead to a better quality of sleep. In a study of kava’s effect on sleep, participants who took kava reported better sleep quality and less wakefulness during the night than those who took a placebo.

PTSD is a complex and challenging condition that often requires a multimodal approach to treatment. While kava is not a cure for PTSD, it can be a helpful component of a comprehensive treatment plan. Fiji Kava has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and nervousness in those suffering from PTSD. Kava’s calming properties can help to reduce the severity and frequency of flashbacks and improve mood.

Fiji Kava is a natural, safe, and effective way to promote relaxation and manage symptoms. As with all supplements and medications, it is important to discuss the use of Fiji Kava with a healthcare professional, particularly if you are taking any other medications.


Shells for Boards

We are all about giving back to the Pacific community, so we have developed the Shells for Boards Program.  When you buy kava from Australia Kava Shop, we donate a dollar for every kilo sold to our charity partners, the Vanuatu Surfing Association! click here for more.

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