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Fiji Harmony 3 X 1kg Landing

7 reviews


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Fiji Harmony 3 x 1kg Fiji Kava - Australia Kava Shop
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🌴 “LIVE LIFE – LOVE LIFE” with Fiji Harmony Kava 🌺

🧘‍♀️ Relax your muscles, unwind your body, and enter a state of tranquility 🧘‍♂️



✔️ Made with 100% PURE VEGAN FIJI NOBLE KAVA 🌿

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John Doe

life changing
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John Doe

life changing
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Let's Address Concerns About Kava Safety!

Fiji Harmony
Kavalytics Cert Of Analysis PDFE

Fiji Harmony - Fiji Kava
That Unlocks Tranquility From Within

Based on 345 reviews
Aluball Brewing Ball
T. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Great to make a stronger brew when needed!

Great to make stronger brews! One Aluball just wasn’t cutting it. Easy to clean and store too. Definitely recommend after a long day!

Fiji Harmony
D.G. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Absolutely in love!

Being a busy mum of 3 kids means I am constantly overwhelmed, however since finding Fiji Harmony Kava my overwhelm has settled, my sleep quality is sooo much better and my anxiety is no longer taking over the day. Forever grateful for the gifts Kava has given me 🙏🏽

Fiji Harmony
J. (Brisbane, Queensland)
Best sleep I’ve had in years!!

Fiji Harmony restored my natural sleep rhythm.

Plus!…I am so focussed at work and no longer need that glass of wine with dinner.

I’ve also lost 3kg.

This Kava blend is fuss and mess free and even suppresses my appetite so my gym workouts are actually yielding great results.

Fiji Harmony
M.P. (Adelaide, South Australia)

Fiji Harmony is now and extra option for my relaxation routine. I enjoy a kava a few nights a week. It is quick, easy and convenient.

Vanuatu Natural Kava
H. (Sydney, New South Wales)
5 Star Kava

I’m very impressed with this product. It’s smooth and not too bitter, so easy to drink. It relaxes the mind and body but isn’t too heavy, so makes a great beginner and/or daytime and weekday kava.

Hi Hugh –
Wow! Thank you so much for your feedback! We are grateful for your business and thrilled to be able to provide you with the kava experience.

Fiji Harmony
B. (Sydney, New South Wales)
LOVE my Fiji Harmony

I love my Fiji Harmony. I’m not a big drinker so to have something that takes the edge off at the end of a busy day/week is fantastic. I work 40+ hours a week and have a crazy life and it helps me unwind and chill out while aiding a great night sleep so I wake with energy to face another day

So quick and easy!

As I’ve explored kava as an alternative to alcohol, I’ve found that the biggest problem is how long it takes to prepare! At first, I prepared it the traditional way, manually kneading the kava in a strainer bag for 10 to 15 minutes. It was effective, but boring. Then, I started putting it in the blender for a few minutes instead. That worked really well, but it was noisy, and then I had a blender to clean up afterward! Not exactly convenient.

The Aluball shaker perhaps doesn’t create the absolute strongest brew you could get, but given its sheer convenience, it’s now my go-to preparation method. Second washes are a breeze, too, since once you finish drinking the first wash, your kava is still there in the ball ready to go.

THAT’S the convenient evening drink experience I’m looking for! So happy to finally get my hands on one of these shakers.

Waka Premium Kava Powder
J.H. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Always the best!!!!

Never failed to impress, the best customer service and love the hard lollies I get which help with the flavour. If you want a company you can trust and are reliable, then look no further.

Thank you for your amazing feedback Joanna! We strive to provide the best customer service and we appreciate your trust and loyalty.

Waka Premium Kava Powder
A.T. (Adelaide, South Australia)

Great stuff,just need a 1kg bag next time instead of 250gm.Bulla

Thanks Anton! We’re glad to hear that you are enjoying kava and definitely jump on the big bags next time!

Melo Melo Kava Powder
K.B. (Brisbane, Queensland)
Melo by name Melo by afternoon.

Melo Melo is another great Kava from AKS.
I made up one of my favourite blends of Coconut Splice mix and it’s absolutely great with any Kava and a great way to enjoy that Kava chill factor. Better than any alcoholic cocktail and the Kava lifestyle has kept me off alcohol for nearly 2 years.💪🌱💚🤙

Thank you Kevin for your amazing review and your continued support!
Think we have to give this kava coconut splice a try sounds good!

We’re also delighted to hear that embracing the Kava lifestyle has had such a positive impact, keeping you off alcohol for nearly 2 years.

Melo Melo Kava Powder
D.H. (Melbourne, Victoria)

It was certainly a nice melo beverage. I managed to get a second cup out of each 50 gram serve.

Thanks David for your review! We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your Melo Melo!

Instant Kava Powder – Australia Kava Shop
S.C. (Sydney, New South Wales)

I have only just started my KAVA journey and I loved it from the beginning. I am a bit lazy so Instant Kava powder is perfect for me. The Australian Kava shop was efficient and friendly and I received my product on time. I will be ordering again!

HI Sioux, Thank you for your wonderful review! We’re delighted to hear that you have found instant Kava powder to be the perfect fit for your needs and that your product arrived on time.

Kava Straining Bags
J. (Sydney, New South Wales)

I usually make kava using the liquidiser method and then strain. A kava straining bag is essential. And the Australian kava shop straining bag is a good product which lasts. I’ve used my last one for months.

Thank you John! We are glad to hear that our Kava straining bag has been an essential tool in your kava preparation process and that it has been durable and long-lasting for you.

Where is my shipping refund?

I was promised a refund on shipping when I added to my order. I have advised them as instructed, reminded them a second time, but still no refund.
I have been charged twice for one single shipment.
See below:

On Sat, Feb 24, 2024 at 11:45 AM wrote:
HI David – We would recommend purchasing a kava straining bag as well.

Let us know if you purchase one and we will combine the shipments and refund your shipping on the bag.


Cameron McLeod


Australia Kava Shop

Ph.: [****]

Email: [****]

Hi David – This one got through to the keeper, it happens occasionally and we do apologise about the inconvenience. Refund has been issued and I’ve just emailed over a discount code as a way of saying sorry.

Australia Kava Shop

Waka Premium Kava Powder
T. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Waka …nice heavy

This kava brewed up a darker brown colour and was effective from the moment it numbed my mouth. Good stuff
Thanks guys

Thank you for your review Tim!
We’re glad to hear that you found our kava to be effective and your satisfaction means a lot to us, we appreciate your support.

Vanuatu and Fiji Kava Twin Pack
S.S. (Melbourne, Victoria)

Not the fault of Australia Kava; my order has arrived yet, latest tracking shows it finally made it to Launceston last Thursday then was transported down to Hobart (mailing address is to Launceston), be great to have an alternative to Australia Post.

Hi SS – Sorry Aus Post dragged the chain on this one. From our experience, Aus Post shit the bed occasionally, however they are still miles ahead of the courier options that we have used in the past. Give me a call before your next order and we will sort you out for some Free express shipping.


Vanuatu Natural Kava
J.C. (Sydney, New South Wales)
vanuato natural kava

kava has helped me by relaxing my mind and body. i am sleeping well, waking up refreshed, which is a first for me, and therefore i have more energy. i wish i had tried kava years ago. cheers jim

Thank you so much for sharing your Kava journey James!
We’re thrilled that you discovered the benefits of kava and are experiencing positive changes.

Vanuatu and Fiji Kava Twin Pack
T.S. (Melbourne, Victoria)
Very impressed, both are great!!!+++

Fiji Waka dimmed my lights fast, (an afternoon nanna nap was nice😁) and melo melo was indeed a nice mellow feeling of calm, far better than alcohol and leaves me not needing to drink……great value, great products

Thank you Ty for taking the time to share your positive experience with our products. We’re thrilled to hear that Fiji Waka and Melo Melo strains have helped you find relaxation and calmness.

Vanuatu Natural Kava
J.H. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Excellent in every way

I have received some great product and the best customer service you could hope for, I really can not say thank you enough. Fantastic company xxx

Thank you so much for your kind words Joanna!
We’re delighted to hear that you have had a positive experience with our products and customer service. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we appreciate your support.

Waka Premium Kava Powder
S.R. (Brisbane, Queensland)
So Chill!!

I was really impressed by the relaxing effect of this Waka, my mind was clear and focused, my stress and anxiety was gone.
I’ve just ordered a 1kg pack!

Thank you Simon for sharing your wonderful experience with us!
We’re thrilled to hear that our Waka Kava had such a positive impact and to know that our product helped you achieve a clear and focused mind while eliminating stress and anxiety.
Your review truly brightened our day.

Waka Premium Kava Powder
L.D. (Melbourne, Victoria)
A really great Kava to help relax

This is my first experience purchasing Kava from Australian Kava and I’m really pleased.
Previously I had brought back a beautiful kava from Hawaii and was very happy to find this one to be very similar in taste and effect.
I know some people say it’s bitter but the taste doesn’t bother me at all. I make a bit of an afternoon to help get relaxed into the evening and I always get great quality sleep as well. Would definitely recommend.

Thank you for your feedback Lexi!
We’re glad to hear that your first experience purchasing Kava from Australian Kava has been pleasing and delighted to provide you with a similar taste and effect to the Kava you enjoyed from Hawaii.
We appreciate your recommendation and are happy to hear that it helps you relax in the evening and promotes great quality sleep.

Melo Melo Kava Powder
M.D. (Wellington, Wellington)
Great product, quick delivery

I really enjoyed this Kava. We found it very relaxing I would definitely recommend it to other people

Hi Melissa – Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our Kava and found it to be relaxing. It’s always rewarding to hear positive feedback from satisfied customers like you.

Vanuatu Natural Kava
J.w. (Adelaide, South Australia)
Happy Shells

All ways making great new friends and in a calm relaxed atmosphere and allowing people to be them selfs.

Hi Joel – Thank you for sharing your positive experience!
It brings us immense joy to know that kava has not only facilitated new friendships but has also fostered an environment of tranquillity and togetherness.

Vanuatu Natural Kava
S.H. (Perth, Western Australia)

First time taking kava and very impressed. Took two helpings to have the desired affect but works well

Hi Stuart, we appreciate the great review and are delighted we could help!

Waka Premium Kava Powder
C.O. (Brisbane, Queensland)
Great project, good price, free delivery

Waka Premium Kava Powder has:

1. Helped me quit smoking. It’s a great product to take the edge off any cravings or anxiety.

2. This matters to me because I’ve been trying to get off the smokes for years, very unhealthy.

3. I’d recommended this product to other people for the above reasons, but also for anyone who wants a natural product to wind down and chill out after a stressful day. It also helps me sleep.

Thank you for your valuable feedback Chayne! Wow that’s amazing to hear that kava has helped you quit the smokes. We understand how challenging it can be and we’re glad Kava has been helpful for you.

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