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Vanuatu Kava

Buy Vanuatu Kava today from Australia Kava Shop – We Know our Roots!

Vanuatu is the ancestral home of kava. It is understood that Lapita people (the original settlers of Vanuatu) first started growing kava in a domestic capacity 3,000 years ago. The Lapita people’s descendants then brought kava with them to the rest of the South Pacific.

Kava is deeply entrenched in Vanuatu society. It is used as a social tonic as well in cultural ceremonies such as weddings, births and reconciliation ceremonies. Moreover it would be considered to be in poor taste not to have kava available during these important occasions.

Vanuatu has more varieties of kava than anywhere in the world. Vanuatu also has the highest amount of kava lactones in their noble kava varieties. Although it’s a bold claim, many believe that Vanuatu kava is the strongest. However, this does depend on which variety of Vanuatu kava is being referred to. Australia Kava Shop endeavours to only import the strongest kava varieties available.

Vanuatu has been on the cutting edge of the development of value-added kava products. Various forms of instant kava have all originated from Vanuatu. A variety of aqueous extract used in food and beverage products have also been developed.

Australia Kava Shop stocks only the best noble variety kava types from Vanuatu. Additionally, our Vanuatu kava is microbial tested prior to import as well as being tested for confirmation of noble variety. You can see all our testing for each import HERE. If you buy Vanuatu kava from Australia Kava Shop, we guarantee that you will not be buying 2 day* kava.

  • Kava that is not noble variety and gives you a “kava hangover”

Why buy Vanuatu kava from us? It’s simple, we love our kava, respect our customers and We Know Our Roots!