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Buy kava Melbourne - Certified Noble Kava

Are you wanting to buy kava in Melbourne?

Now you can buy kava in Melbourne using our easy online service!

Are you aware that Australia Kava Shop is based on the Gold Coast and has its warehouse there? As you know, unlike the Gold Coast, the Melbourne weather is often really cold. Consequently, we know that it’s often hard to get warm.

Hence, we wish to ensure that Melbourne kava drinkers have the best kava available to them. Therefore, our “winter warmer” kava is shipped out daily to Melbourne and all other parts of Victoria

And to top it off, our deliveries to Melbourne generally only taking 2-4 business days to land following order!.

To buy kava online in Melbourne, Press here.

Did you know that, for centuries, Pacific Islanders have relied on kava to help them stay calm and sleep well?  So, kava’s been used for thousands of years as a way to help people relax and make friends. And now you can do the same!

Are you aware that here at Australia Kava Shop we offer kava from noble varieties only?

As such, we only import kava grown on farms from our long-term farmer suppliers in Vanuatu and Fiji. Therefore, we guarantee that every bag of our kava is 100% authentic, so you know you’re getting the real thing.

And if you’re worried about buying your kava online… don’t be! Reason being is that we offer competitive prices and prompt delivery to all parts of Australia. So, you can feel confident knowing your order will be delivered quickly and safely.

However, please note – we have needed to exclude Northern Territory due to their laws there against selling kava. 

Moreover, given our experience in selling kava for the past two decades, our motto “We Know Our Roots!” is  an appropriate one .

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