Alu Ball Kava Shaker and Fiji Harmony 250gm Combo Pack

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Fiji Harmony and the Alu Ball Kava Shaker – Surely a Match made in Heaven.

The Alu Ball Kava Shaker will have your Fiji Harmony prepared in 2 minutes and ready to take you on a blissful journey to a harmonious balance of mind and body!

✔️ Balanced Fiji Kava – Refill your Cup Today!

✔️ Bullet proof Alu Ball Kava Shaker – Kava Ready in minutes! 

✔️ Kava on the Go –  Its the Perfect Kava Combo!

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The Fiji Harmony 250gm and Alu Ball Kava Shaker - The PERFECT match!

The Alu Ball Kava Shaker and Fiji Harmony complement each other perfectly. You can prepare your Fiji Harmony in only 2 minutes with the Alu Ball Kava Shaker. This combo is ideal for busy individuals who want to enjoy their balanced Fiji Kava conveniently on the go. Try it now and refill your cup in no time!

Fiji Harmony - Australia Kava Shop

Fiji Harmony – Quality Above All Else

At Australia Kava Shop, we prioritize your well-being by meticulously sourcing our Fiji Harmony Kava from the lush tropical islands of Fiji. Pristine soil and the tropical sun nourish our kava, and we follow strict quality control measures to ensure that every batch meets the highest standards of purity, potency, and authenticity. As a result, our Fiji Kava is the perfect wellness drink already enjoyed by vegans, keto diet devotees, and others mindful of their health.

AluBall Kava Shaker - Australia Kava Shop

Maximize your kava brewing experience with the specially designed Alu Ball Kava Shaker, created by avid kava drinkers. This shaker features a patented design that simplifies the process of mixing up a batch of kava, making it quick and effortless. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, while its durable stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting use. Whether you’re preparing a small or large batch, the Alu Ball Kava Shaker guarantees comfort and ease of use, even during extended periods of shaking.

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