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Sandy Beach and Marina in Coffs Harbour New South Wales with caption Buy Kava Coffs Harbour Certified Noble Kava

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Like us, you’re no doubt familiar with Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana attraction. However, there’s more to this city than that. For instance, there’s bushwalking and whale watching and stunning beaches, a marine sanctuary and more.

Similarly, there’s more to drinking kava that many folk are unaware of. For example, Kava is a relaxing drink that can help you relax, but it’s not always easy to find a good source.

However, we have solved that issue! Because Australia Kava Shop is the best place in Coffs Harbour to buy either Kava powder or instant kava.

As such, we only use the highest quality noble varieties of kava. That is, all our products are certified and fully guaranteed.

If you do buy kava powder, you’ll be able to enjoy it in either Fiji Kava or Vanuatu Kava varieties.

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So, you want to buy kava in Coffs Harbour? Well then, you’re in the right place!

This being the case, now is the perfect time to try our noble variety Kavas. As you may already know, kava has been used in the Pacific Islands for centuries to treat anxiety, insomnia and more.

Our good news is that our kava is now available in Coffs Harbour and everywhere else in New South Wales! That is, we deliver (to your door!) to places such as Orange, Newcastle, Murwillumbah, Albury Wodonga, Goulburn and Ballina. Naturally, we also deliver to Maitland, Wagga Wagga, Sydney and surrounds.

If you are reading this as someone who is not a Pacific Islander, Kava is also known as “Leaves of Paradise”. Additionally, kava comes from the roots of Piper Methysticum plants, which are native to the South Pacific Islands.

As such, Kava has been used by islanders for hundreds of years. This is because of its relaxing effects on people who take it as part of their daily lives. Furthermore, this wonderful herb has been used traditionally in ceremonies by men and women alike. Reason being is that it’s a way to bond with each other after work or during special occasions. We are privileged to have shared such occasions, including weddings, funerals and welcoming special guests.

The kava from Australia Kava Shop is an excellent choice! Reason is that it’s pure and potent. So, if you want an alternative solution that may help you relax and ease any anxiety you may have, get in touch.

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