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Buy Kava locally

At Australia Kava Shop, we pride ourselves on being the best kava retail ecommerce business in Australia. Pride in our product and always giving the best customer service available are the top priorities for our business. However, we understand that ecommerce has its limitations and that sometimes our customers want their kava yesterday!

We have started partnering with retailers throughout the country so no matter what time or how urgent you can buy kava locally. Below is a list of Australia Kava Shop retail partners from across Australia. Whilst not all region or city-specific pages will have retail partners listed in them, we have set them up ready for when they come online throughout 2022.

Buy Kava in Brisbane

If you are a retailer, sport association, community group or charity who are interested in having your customers or members able to buy kava locally, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. We can get you up and running with stock and merchandising within a week.

For ease of access, we have divided the region and city-specific pages into States and Territories (A.C.T.):

Every Shell of Kava from Australia kava Shop Helps!

When you buy kava locally from Australia Kava Shop you are also helping charities in the South Pacific. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Vanuatu Surf Association and for every kilo of kava sold we will be donating them $1. This means Vanuatu grommets (young boys and girl surfers) can get their hands on surf hardware not normally available to them. The Vanuatu Surfing Association have a reputation for community engagement and assistance since 2011 and we are overjoyed to help them out!

Shell of Kava