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Instant Kava – Kava Ready to Go! 

✔️ Quick to make – simply put into a shaker or glass, stir and drink!

✔️ Only a half teaspoon per serve

✔️ Easy to mix with your favourite juice or Shake

✔️ Made from green kava juice – not just micronized powder!



The Difference between our Instant Kava and others
Australia Kava Shop Instant Kava is made from dehydrated kava juice made from fresh green kava in Vanuatu. This means it dissolves easily and your body immediately up takes the kava lactones – the “Feel Good” component of kava.

Other Instant kava Products are made using heavily micronized kava root. This means they struggle to be soluble. PLUS your stomach is required to do the agitation and release the kava lactones. Your stomach simply isn’t built for this. Inferior Instant Kava is both ineffective and can make you feel queasy.

Can I use Instant Kava as a replacement for Alcohol?
Australia Kava Shop’s Instant Kava from Vanuatu has a bubbly social effect and is an ideal substitute for alcohol in social occasions.
PLUS you don’t get a Hang Over!
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Instant Kava - Kava Made Easy!

Buy Instant Kava and take away the traditional preparation process!

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Why Real Instant Kava Matters!

Our Instant Kava is made using an aqueous extract process, not yucky alcohol, or chemical extraction. It is soluble in water with only the effort of stirring a coffee required!

Unlike other supposed instant kava our product is made from the green kava juice of Borogu and Palarusal kava plants from Santo Island. Everyday farmers bring fresh kava in from the islands. It is then cleaned and juiced under strict HACCP conditions.  The juice is then dried out in evaporators to form a powder. It is then milling into a soluble powder ready to drink!

All our Instant Kava is tested to confirm that only noble kava is used in its production. Thorough microbial testing is also done to be sure that the kava is free of contaminants. For the most recent certification reports for our Instant Kava click HERE.

Our product is not simply heavily micronized powder like other vendors sell. Heavily micronized powder sold as instant simply means that you are digesting all the fibred from a dried kava root. Australia Kava Shop’s instant kava won’t up set your stomach like these inferior products moreover it won’t make you feel bloated drinking it. After all who like to eat dried kava powder…. Nobody!

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Get Creative with Instant Kava!

Instant kava works fantastic with a range of your favourite beverages!

Unveiling the Pioneering History of Aqueous Extraction Instant Kava from Vanuatu

Have you ever wondered how that calming cup of instant kava came to be? Well, let’s journey back to the early 2000s in the vibrant land of Vanuatu, where a revolutionary named James Armitage embarked on a quest that would transform the kava world forever.

In this insightful clip from the YouTube video, you can witness Armitage’s tale unfold in all its glory. Armitage, accompanied by his colleague Cameron McLeod, witnessed the collapse of Vanuatu’s kava export industry due to the ban of kava pills by the European Union. The ban was sparked by side effects from previous extraction methods, which included using not only the kava root but also the stems of the plant.

Determined to find a solution, Armitage became the brilliant mind behind the game-changing process known as Aqueous Extraction. With this technique, he developed a water-based kava extract that preserved the potency and magic of kava while eliminating the bitter taste associated with traditional preparations. Gone were the days of struggling with muddy concoctions and unpalatable flavors. Armitage had found the Holy Grail!

But the quest didn’t stop there. Armitage and his team continued to push boundaries, resulting in the development of kava resin. This concentrated extract became the key ingredient in the innovative Kava Cola. Imagine sipping on a fizzy beverage that not only quenches your thirst but also delivers the relaxing effects of kava. The possibilities were endless.

Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves on Santo island, home to Forney Enterprises. With their unwavering dedication to quality and excellence, Forney Enterprises has become the largest and sole producer of true Aqueous Extraction Instant Kava in the world. Their commitment to preserving Vanuatu’s kava heritage and crafting batches of this liquid gold is commendable.

When you sip on a shell of Aqueous Extraction Instant Kava, you’re not just indulging in a delicious and convenient beverage – you’re experiencing the culmination of years of innovation, perseverance, and passion. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of James Armitage and the unwavering spirit of Forney Enterprises.

So, the next time you take a moment to relax and unwind with a cup of kava, raise it in a toast to the pioneers of Aqueous Extraction Instant Kava. May their legacy continue to thrive, bringing the joys and benefits of kava to enthusiasts far and wide. Cheers to the history makers!

Product FAQ’s

Q: How much Instant kava should I make per serve.

A: We suggest starting with a level teaspoon into 30 ml of water. From there you can dial it back or increase the amount. If you want some inspiration on how to prepare Instant kava, chec out some of our Instant kava recipes HERE.

Q: Is Instant kava a Heady or Heavy kava

A: Australia Kava Shop Instant kava leans towards the heady euphoric type of kava as it is made of a mix of Palarasul, Melo Mel and Borogu kava plants.

Q: This is my first time buying Instant Kava from Australia Kava Shop, what can I expect?

A: All our Instant Kava is certified as being made from noble kava sourced from Santo island. Check our Instant Kava test report HERE.

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