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Instant Kava

Sober Curious? – Kava the non alcoholic social tonic drink taking Australia by storm!

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Why are people going sober curious?

Sober Curious is a movement that has been gaining momentum in Australia. It is a movement of people who are curious about sobriety. However, they aren’t sure if they want to give up alcohol entirely. Its likely they are looking for an alcohol alternative. For a lot of them simply stopping or drinking non-alcoholic drinks is not an option. 

There are many reasons why people might be interested in sober curious living. Some people may be looking for an alternative to alcohol. They might feel like their drinking habits are negatively impacting their health or relationships. Others may have decided not to drink for religious reasons. Some are interested because they don’t want to take medications that interact with alcohol.  For the sober curious however, looking for an alcohol alternative. 

Whatever the reason, Sober Curious is a great way to dip your toe into the world of sobriety. It has also come at a perfect time for Australian’s. In January 2022 the Australian government allowed kava to be imported and sold again. The non alcoholic drink Kava  is now becoming popular as an alcohol alternative across Australia.  In this article we discuss what kava is and where it comes from. We also look at how kava could help the sober curious make the transition to non-alcoholic drinks easy!

Sober curious - hangover

What is Kava and where does it come from?

Kava is a plant that grows in the Pacific Islands. It’s used as a ceremonial drink in Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga. It’s also used in some Western countries as a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia.

Kava comes from the root of the Kava plant, which is like a pepper tree. The roots are dried and ground into powder. They are then mixed with water or juice to create a drink.

Kava has been used for hundreds of years by people throughout the Pacific Islands. As discussed, it is used during ceremonies such as weddings etc. Moreover, it is used to reduce stress and anxiety and primarily as a social tonic. 

Kava contains compounds called kavalactones that act as sedatives on the central nervous system. The kava lactones in kava help you relax and give a euphoric sensation. Notably kava does this without causing sleepiness or drowsiness like alcohol does.

The big sober curious question - Does kava give you a hang over?

To put it simply, a hangover is a result of dehydration. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic and when you drink large quantities of alcohol it causes your body to lose fluids rapidly. Your kidneys begin to run in overdrive in order to filter out all the toxins from the alcohol. Moreover, this also lowers the blood pressure in your brain.

Unlike alcohol, kava does not cause dehydration or dehydration-related symptoms. In fact, Kavalactones in kava actually helps prevent dehydration. They do this by slowing down your body’s water loss through urine and perspiration. Just from this perspective kava as an alternative to alcohol looks promising. 

non alcoholic drink kava

How does Kava taste?

Kava has an earthy taste to it and it leaves a numb sensation on your mouth. First time kava drinkers can occasionally be put off by the taste. However, we would suggest you hark back to when you had your first beer, spirit, or wine… tasted pretty awful right!

The taste of kava can be tweaked depending on how you prepare it. If you are using traditional kava powder, we have listed some preparation examples below:

Using Instant Kava to make delicious kava recipes

If you are using Instant Kava, you can adapt a number of kava recipes to reduce the earthy taste. Some Instant Kava recipes include:

Stressed out and anxious - sober curious

Kava for anxiety and stress relief

A lot of people drink alcohol to self-medicate for anxiety and stress. Kava is much more efficient than alcohol for this. Kava works by activating GABA receptors in the brain. Consequently, this reduces anxiety and makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable. It also blocks certain receptors that cause depression and insomnia. Therefore, if you’re suffering from either of those conditions, kava may be able to help!

Sober Curious and Kava Summary

Many people in Australia are considering being sober curious. The impact of generations of alcohol abuse in Australia is well documented. This is causing people of all ages are looking for an alternative to alcohol. Kava with its long history in the Pacific as a safe alternative to alcohol that can help Australian’s transition from alcohol to a non-alcohol lifestyle.

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