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Kava Recipes

Kava Recipes

Kava Spritzer - Using Instant Kava

This one just in from a regular of ours who we will call SKM. The KAVA SPRITZER!

Its super simple as well. This is how you do it!


1/. Place a level teaspoon of  Instant Kava into a good size glass.

2/. Add a slash of water and blend.

3/. Slowly add soft drink of your choice eg Sprite, Cola, Lime Cooler etc.

Kava Cola – using Instant Kava

Welcome to our kava recipes page! The team at Australia Kava Shop participated in early development of Kava Cola products. ABC ran a story on our Lava Cola in 2012, you can view it HERE. Under the new Australia kava laws, kava can only be sold in an aqueous extract or powder form. It cannot be sold as an ingredient in food or beverages in a commercial product. However, this does not mean you cannot get creative!

In the above video Savanah from Australia Kava Shop walks you through the process of making your own kava cola. All you need is:

Kava Protein Shake

This one is a cracker for all exercise and aspiring exercise nuts! Cam has dragged his butt back to the gym to burn off some of the excess kg’s from the past 10 months. This comes with some body aches and he’s been trialing Instant Kava mixed with his Protein Shakes. All you need is:


Australia Kava Shop Instant Kava

Punish Protein Powder

A Protein Powder Shaker 

Kava Iced Coffee - Choc Milk

The New Zealand Kava Society has done some solid research on kava and caffeine. If you are interested in a deep dive, click HERE .

We decided to trial it using Australia Kava Shop Instant Kava  and iced coffee from our local store. The results were fascinating and worth putting in your kava recipe book if you enjoy coffee. The results were significant in the accentuated caffeine effects with a nice kava buzz in the back ground!   

You’ll need:

Australia Kava Shop Instant Kava

Your favourite Iced Coffee or Cho Milk from your local store

Kava Recipes


People are always looking for new ways to use their favorite relaxing root and we are no different! There has been a lot of controversy recently over whether or not certain kava drinks work better than others — so we want to help quell all of these rumours as much as possible by putting together a list of tried-and-true kava recipes from around the world.

We do not just want to stop there, though — if you have any favourite recipes that you would like to share with us, please get in touch. We would also like to include information on how you can benefit from using kava — everything from interesting facts about the plant itself, to tips we have picked up over time that could help you enjoy your next cup even more than your last.