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Buy Tonga Kava in Australia with confidence

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Buy Tongan Kava in Australia

Tonga, an archipelago nestled in the South Pacific, is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture. Among its many treasures, Tonga Kava stands out as a shining gem. Tongan Kava offers a unique kava experience that sets it apart from kavas produced in other Pacific Island countries. If you want to buy Tonga kava, you’ve come to the right place!

Tonga Kava – Australia Kava Shop

Tonga Kava vs. Kavas from Other Pacific Island Countries

Tonga kava brings an altogether unique kava experience to other Pacific Countries such as Vanuatu and Fiji. Tonga cultivars such as Leka Hina (used in Moana Premium) are much larger than the small and big hand kava varieties found in Fiji and Vanuatu. Its not just the size that is the difference though. Tongan kava – when done correctly – is a smooth tasting kava. It is also very much a euphoric heady kava. It’s ideal for social occasions, but probably not suited to those that prefer the heavy body effect of Fiji Waka.

In the past, kava exports from Tonga included some above-ground plant material alongside the sought-after kava root. This was not simply a way to boost bulk, but the local kava custom includes using more of the kava plant than just the root when preparing kava juice. Kava aficionados will know that this is a big no no. However, this issue has been expertly resolved by experienced exporters, such as Moana Kava Farms, who now exclusively export below-ground kava root material. This meticulous approach ensures that our product Moana Premium, reaches consumers in its purest and most potent form.

Tonga Kava – Australia Kava Shop

Moana Kava Plantation: Setting the Standards for Excellence with Tonga Kava

Tucked away on the picturesque VauVa’u island, Moana Kava Plantation has garnered a reputation as an award-winning farm in Tonga. With unwavering commitment and dedication, they meticulously cultivate and harvest kava to produce only a select few tonnes each year. These limited quantities are exclusively exported to reputable vendors in the USA.

Now, thanks to the harmonious partnership between Moana Kava Plantation and Australia Kava Shop, this premium Tongan Kava is readily available in Australia. This collaboration has allowed kava enthusiasts to savor the unrivaled quality of Moana Premium, an embodiment of the very best Tongan Kava.

Unlock the Gates to a Tonga Kava Legacy

Immerse yourself in the splendour of Tongan Kava – an elixir crafted with passion, precision, and a deep respect for the land from which it hails. With Moana Premium Tonga Kava, you can truly experience the essence of what this countries kava is al about, now available at your doorstep through Australia Kava Shop.